Interested in buying an expired domain name for your new website? Read this article and discover how to find expired domains with high traffic!

As you probably know buying a domain name that is already expired has huge benefits! However, finding a high quality expired domain name is not an easy job. You need to analyze a lot of domains before you decide to purchase a specific domain name for your new website or blog. Placing the backlinks on these domain names is the easy part but determining a quality expired domain name demands a lot of effort and in-depth research.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the process of analyzing and checking expired domains and how to find the best domain name with high traffic for your new project.

When it comes to analyzing the expired domains, the first thing you need to do is to analyze the general domain metrics. Use the Domain Hunter Gatherer and get a list of expired domains. Once you will get the list, you can sort the results table by PR. Even though PR is not a 100% reliable metric, it is still a helpful indicator.

The public PC hasn’t been updated since 2013 according to Google, but they do update it in the back-end for special SEO needs and purposes.

This means that if you manage to find an expired domain name with PR, at some point in time, this domain must been doing well. So sort the results by PR and then check the CF/TF ratio. You are looking for a well-balanced and perfect expired domain name with a good PR and great looking CF and TF and a domain name with not so many backlinks. These metrics basically indicate that the expired domain name is of a good quality.



When looking for expired domains, you need a domain name that has some history of existing as that gives them an additional SEO boost over a brand new domain. You can find domain names that come from websites that had traffic which means that you can get an even better SEO boost. If the expired domain name hasn’t had a unique hit in 3 or 5 years, it means that the only value of that domain is the age. There is no other special value. But, if the domain had a few thousand or a few hundred visitors per month, it is a potential domain name you can purchase.

You can use the expired domain names for redirecting them to your main site, for setting up a new microsite or for restoring the site that used to exist. 

If the website is relevant, use the existing traffic and convert it to your own traffic. You will increase the number of visitors on your site and the number of customers as well.

The other option is setting up a new microsite. This is mostly useful when you want to start an online business in the same niche as the site that used to exist and you think you can run it better. It is similar to developing a fresh site, except you begin with a certain traffic.

The third option is restoring the site that used to exist. You probably won’t be able to get everything from the previous site, but you can definitely try and see what’s going to happen!

So, remember, start by looking several expired domains, analyze them, and if you think they suit your needs, buy them! If not, start the process again!






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