The recent shift in the business scenario has compelled many businesses to switch their business format to an e-commerce one. These websites require a bit of effort and time to grow and develop into an established business. Companies that are looking to buy a domain name for their website can visit websites that offer to register domain name free of cost. But since the aim of every business owner is to make the most of the e commerce setup hence there is a need to get a proper domain name registration done. The free domain name registrations have limited features along with a meeker webhosting and low storage.

How important is a domain name?

A domain name leaves an ever-lasting imprint on the minds of the visitors hence the business should choose a domain name that reflects either the brand name or the niche that the brand is looking to target. This helps the customer create an association with the brand and the website. Domain name becomes the property of the owner once the business gets registered. Once the business has done purchasing the domain name they need to have access to a web hosting server. This allows the website to go live.

Web hosting and the website!

When you are looking for the website to go live, you need to have access to a web server that has good storage space and an efficient system. The web hosting service provides server to the businesses along with the space to upload their relevant files, product details, which helps the customers and the sellers to connect and conduct business. If the web host provider is slow then the website takes time in loading and hangs easily. This interruptions and delays drives the traffic away.

There are many webhost providers who also sell domains. It is advisable to purchase the domain name from the same platform from you are getting you website hosted. This way there is greater synchronization between the two aspects of the ecommerce website and hence better deliverance to the customers.

Since there is so much clutter of ecommerce websites in every niche and category, hence the way to differentiate yourself from others is to get hold of an efficient web host provider so that you can reap the maximum benefit. Today, the business that your brand’s website does is much more crucial for you than the physical stores because majority of your customers are always online and browsing on the go!