In order to choose the perfect WordPress hosting plan for your hosting needs, you need to have a good understanding as to the options that you have at your disposal.

As far as WordPress hosting goes, the type of WordPress host you choose will determine what resources will be available to you and therefore impact your site’s performance.

Understanding all the options and knowing which one best fits your need is imperative in making an informed decision.

Below we look at the four most popular types of WordPress hosting plans you can pick from;

  • Shared hosting which is a low-cost option that’s perfect for small websites
  • Virtual private servers which are ideal if you are looking for a ‘dedicated’ solution at a reasonable price
  • Cloud Hosting which is a middle point between VPS and dedicated servers, with outstanding scalability
  • Dedicated servers which are the best option for established websites that require dedicated resources

Below we delve into each to elucidate their strong points

1. Shared hosting plans for WordPress

At the first glimpse, sharing plans might not look all that compelling, but they do have their benefits.

  • Low Prices – sharing servers among many other sites makes it cheaper for site owners enjoy this service at a subsidized price
  • Easy to set up -in most cases the WordPress host will set it up for you, but WordPress hosting is simple to use

If you are looking for an entry level hosting option for a hobby, blog or small website, then the shared server host may be a suitable choice. This is especially true if your site is beginning to grow as it affords you quick and a considerably cheap start up.

2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

The shared aspect of VPS and shared hosting plans is the fact that they both involve sharing hardware with other users as you will not have access to the whole server. However, with a VPS you will have more isolation than with a shared plan. This allows several benefits;

  • Increased customization – this allows you lee way to configure how much power you want and even what OS you prefer to use. It allows you more freedom and flexibility
  • Dedicated resources – this means you are not sharing resources with others as each VPS is its own computer
  • Low price – although slightly higher prized than shared hosting, VPS remains relatively cheaper and provides value for money

3. Cloud Hosting Plans

This is an entirely different set up from the two above mentioned WordPress hosting types. In cloud hosting, technically you have VPSs, but each virtual ‘machine’ is distributed through multiple servers.

Benefits it has to offer;

  • Incredible scalability – even with the welcomed growth of influx in traffic, your site would still handle well as it is using a VPS that draws from more than one server
  • Reliable stability – downtime becomes near a non-existent issue because your machine is balanced between multiple servers

4. Dedicated server plans

 For larger businesses with a bigger budget to spend, a dedicated WordPress server is a suitable option for a fully functional website that you want full control over.

This arrangement has the following benefits;

  • Superior customization – you have the lee way to tinker with your server as you have it all to yourself
  • Scalability – with the resources that come with this hosting, they allow you to stay positioned an in tip top shape even if your website expands rapidly
  • Dedicated resources- more like VPSs only this time you have more robust hardware

The decision on what you want to settle for depends on your WordPress hosting needs.  So you can now make an informed decision for the most suitable option to your individual hosting needs.